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Sponsored Bonk

Sponsored bonk
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Sponsored bonk

Revised prompt

A concept of sponsorship represented in a humorous setting. Visualize a large wooden cartoon-style mallet, with ‘Bonk’ written in bold, cartoonish font on the side of it. Beneath the mallet, a gold seal or badge is placed implying the sense of sponsorship. Abstract comical shapes or symbols can be scattered around denoting the very nature of cartoonish and humorous interpretations. The background is plain and the primary focus persists on the ‘sponsored bonk’. Please avoid any explicit violence or harm.

Now that wasn’t quite what we were thinking of back in 1991. And, had my AI tool failed to come up with something for the original prompt I would have suggested a picture of a very tired cyclist nearing the end of a sponsored cycle ride. Where “bonk” is the term used where a cyclist does the equivalent of “hitting the wall”…which happens to marathon runners.

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