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Spit Bunkers

Spit bunkers
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Spit bunkers

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Visualize an array of spit bunkers. On a rugged landscape, these are strategically scattered around, creating a challenging look for any golfers who would dare to venture into this course. The bunkers are filled with sand, with patches of grass peeking through them. Nearby, the lush fairways and greens contrast against the rough appearance of the bunkers. There are stormy clouds in the sky, conveying an ambiance of drama and tension.


Both my AI tool and Bing had no problems producing an image for spit bunkers.

But just look at the size of the bunkers compared to the greens and fairways. I can fully understand why no one's playing the course.

Bing produced these 4 images which all look a bit like some of the images it produced for second bunker.

But we have no idea what it was thinking.

Meanwhile, ChatGPT's DALL-E needed a lot of help.

"Spit bunkers" could refer to a few things depending on the context, but they're not a commonly recognized term. If you're talking about military or defense structures, you might mean small, concealed bunkers. Or, in a different context like golf, you might be referring to sand bunkers or traps on a golf course, though "spit bunker" isn't a standard term there either. Could you clarify what you're referring to?

I'd done a Google search which enabled me to ask

what about the north spit bunkers in Charleston?

The North Spit bunkers in Charleston, Oregon, are remnants of historical military defense installations. They are located on the North Spit of Coos Bay and were part of a larger network of coastal defenses built along the U.S. coastline, particularly during World War II. These bunkers were constructed to protect against potential enemy naval or amphibious assaults. Today, they are often visited by hikers and history enthusiasts who explore the area's natural beauty and historical significance. The bunkers, now largely abandoned and overtaken by the natural coastal environment, provide a fascinating glimpse into the past military history of the region.

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Historical military bunkers on the North Spit of Coos Bay in Charleston, Oregon. These abandoned World War II bunkers are surrounded by wild coastal vegetation and sandy terrain. The scene captures the aged, concrete structures, partially overgrown by brush and moss, under a clear blue sky. The bunkers appear rugged and isolated, embodying a silent historical testimony of wartime defenses, ideal for exploring the intersection of history and nature.

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