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Speeding Bullet

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Speeding bullet

Revised prompt

Conceptualize an image of a bullet in the middle of its track, travelling at high velocity. The background is a blur, emphasizing the speed and power of the bullet. The bullet itself should be glinting, reflecting the light as it streaks through the air. For dramatic effect, visual cues like distorted air or a miniature shockwave around the bullet could evoke the intensity of the speed. All around, the effect is one of dramatic, awe-inspiring power and unstoppable momentum.


  • Well, it’s just wrong! Isn’t it?
  • None of the other AI generated images understood that the bullet leaves the gun and the cartridge stays behind.
  • But they did at least have the bullet travelling in the intended plane.
  • It looks like this one’s sliding along the varnished wooden floor of the gun lobby.


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7th April 2024