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Speech Bubbles

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Create an image involving up to 5 speech bubbles of supportive blurb. Each speech bubble should contain two words. The first word starts with an S, the second starts with a B. The image should be square. Since you’re so awful at spelling make the words totally illegible.

Revised prompt

Create a vibrant and engaging illustration featuring five distinct speech bubbles, each floating against a colorful, abstract background. Each speech bubble contains two words, adhering to a unique theme where the first word begins with the letter ‘S’ and the second with ‘B’. However, the words within the bubbles are designed to be completely illegible, mimicking the effect of extremely poor handwriting or an artistic, indecipherable script. The overall composition should be dynamic, with the speech bubbles artistically arranged to capture attention and stimulate curiosity about the hidden messages they contain.


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22nd February 2024