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Specialist Bindings

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Specialist bindings

Revised prompt

Create a detailed illustration of specialist racing ski bindings, known for their high DIN setting, robust construction, and metal components. These bindings are engineered for precision and control at high speeds on ski race courses. The illustration should focus on the technical aspects and features of the racing bindings, highlighting their durability and the capability to handle high forces. Set against a neutral background to emphasize the design and functionality of these specialized ski bindings. The image should be in a square aspect ratio.


You might think Bing’s attempt is worse. For

specialist bindings for skis

it produced

… but we don’t know what it actually used as its revised prompt.

Meanwhile, after refusing to produce an image for

specialist bindings

on the second attempt, with the exact same prompt, my AI tool decided to produce an image for a revised prompt of

An intricate image of specialist tool bindings. These are organized neatly in a workshop, each with its own special place on the wall. Closeby, a Caucasian carpenter with rugged features is using one of the bindings. The small details of the tools are visible, with everything from the cool gleam of polished steel to the worn texture of well-used handles are visible. The lighting is Warm, casting long shadows and highlighting the depth and complexity of this workspace.


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1st April 2024