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Today I asked Chat GPT to

“List 50 pairs of words with the first starting with S and the second starting with B”.

I needed to correct its responses a couple of times.

Its latest set of answers were to my question

“Can you tell me where you got those answers?”.

I generated the previous list of word pairs based on my understanding of common word combinations and language patterns. However, I apologize for the errors in my previous responses.

To provide you with a more accurate list, here are 50 pairs of words with the first word starting with “S” and the second word starting with “B,” as requested:

Silver bullet

Small business

Secret base

Strong bond

Soft breeze

Sunny beach

Sweet butter

Sharp blade

Silent night

Simple beauty

Serious business

Smooth blend

Spicy barbecue

Sudden burst

Solid brick

Sacred book

Special blend

Spacious bedroom

Subtle balance

Sublime beauty

Stormy weather

Strategic blueprint

Shiny bauble

Significant breakthrough

Spectacular view

Scientific basis

Sound barrier

Steady beat

Sustainable business

Stylish bag

Social bonding

Stunning backdrop

Spiritual belief

Shimmering brook

Sparkling bottle

Sneaky behavior

Superb breakfast

Suspenseful book

Stunning bouquet

Strong bridge

Sunny afternoon

Speedy boat

Sensational beauty

Sporadic bursts

Spicy buffalo

Smooth bourbon

Slender branches

Sunlit beach

Sensible budget

Substantial benefits

My logic to sample bigrams doesn’t work with lists. So I asked for it to be separated by commas.

As you can see there were 4 mistakes.

Silver bullet, Small business, Secret base, Strong bond, Soft breeze, Sunny beach, Sweet butter, Sharp blade, Silent night, Simple beauty, Serious business, Smooth blend, Spicy barbecue, Sudden burst, Solid brick, Sacred book, Special blend, Spacious bedroom, Subtle balance, Sublime beauty, Stormy weather, Strategic blueprint, Shiny bauble, Significant breakthrough, Spectacular view, Scientific basis, Sound barrier, Steady beat, Sustainable business, Stylish bag, Social bonding, Stunning backdrop, Spiritual belief, Shimmering brook, Sparkling bottle, Sneaky behavior, Superb breakfast, Suspenseful book, Stunning bouquet, Strong bridge, Sunny afternoon, Speedy boat, Sensational beauty, Sporadic bursts, Spicy buffalo, Smooth bourbon, Slender branches, Sunlit beach, Sensible budget, Substantial benefits.

BTW. The image for Spare bandwidth was generated using using the prompt

Spare bandwidth


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5th April 2024