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Spanish Break

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Part of the collection of SB’s from Jim’s sixtieth birthday celebrations. This list includes several brilliant ones; spermy breeks, Segway brigade, stenographer’s bestie, sawny bean and Sponish Barder.

Here’s the full list… So bloody, string bag, smoking ban, Samuel Beckett, Scotland bowling, sticker botched, stone bully, shingle bully, Scottish belle, skinny bee, stolen belt, Susan’s bag, sparse bonnet, Stewarton banker, sunny bit, stone balls, Sixtieth birthday, spit bunkers, Susan brace, soya butter, Spanish bitch, Sienna bucket, Spanish breakfast, special birthday, springs bouncing, single beds, sneezed before, Spanish brothel, Spanish bodega, Spanish bordello, sale de bingo, sprinkled buses, star bottle, spangly bits, stretchy banner, smile badly, scandalous business, soft boiled, spermy breeks, shampoo bottle, spent bitch, seven bonks, same bloke, sherry barrel, selfie ban, see breeze, schoolgirl bores, sherry busted, snap busting ( telling people “No photography” ), sensible binging ( early night tonight ), selective binging, seasonal brassicas, special bloke, sword board, sword boxes, station bar, saga baby, scary baby ( sporty posh ginger ), something broke, Spanish baboons, small bag, starts and bumps (Concorde), sonic boom, Scottish branch, Spanish bullfight, slightly before, smiling boys, sparrow bonk, segway brigade, struggling bather, steak BBQ, Siesta barista, spicy beans, small burgers, stomach bloat, short bath, sloppy bowels, seems busy, stenographer’s bestie, seated before, sad bird face, sawny bean, steak bowl – tuna tartare, stinking bag, stripped bone, spare belt, scrap bikes, stiff brandy, sorted big time, sip brandy, Susan been brilliant, scrape by, superb bravado, spilt brandy, saved billions, some bring – some don’t, Susan behind – is she really going out with him, scrabble board – lesbians, sprayed bollocks, sex business, Spanish bastard, super bide, Sponish Barder – prime of Miss Jean Brodie, spilled blood.


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16th July 2018