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Spanish Bordello

Spanish bordello
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Spanish bordello

Revised prompt

A 1870’s Spanish bordello, commonly known as an ‘ale house’. The atmosphere should convey a vibrant and lively ambiance, full of patrons. The room should be filled with heavy, ornate furniture of the time period, lit by dim, flickering candlelight. Women of varying descents -a black, a Caucasian, a Hispanic, and a South Asian woman- are in flamboyant-looking attire with exaggerated accessories. These women are scattered around the room, some entertaining the patrons, while others are just silently observing the surroundings. Also include a depiction of small groups of men in a variety of descents – a Middle-Eastern, a Hispanic, and a Caucasian man – drinking and laughing amongst themselves, completely immersed in the lively atmosphere.


As with spanish brothel, both Bing and ChatGPT’s DALL-E refused to produce an image. My AI tool just interpreted the request safely.

Synonyms of bordello include: bagnio, bawdyhouse and brothel.

Sampled from Spanish Break.


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30th April 2024