Simply because one word won't do...

Spanish Bitch

Spanish bitch
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AI won't create an image for "Spanish bitch". I hit the safety block for each one I tried.

So I changed it to

scenthound bitch

And got images from both ChatGPT's Cosmic Dream and my AI tool

Revised prompt

A scent hound lounging in a psychedelic forest with colorful, twisting trees. The atmosphere is dreamlike, blending vivid colors and scents. The dog is alert, capturing the essence of a magical trail in the air.


  • Wikipedia told me "The Sabueso Español or Spanish Hound is a scenthound breed with its origin in the far north of Iberian Peninsula".
  • This is the second image I've created with Cosmic Dream which describes itself as Visionary painter of digital wonder.
  • It's the first I've published on the site

Sampled from Spanish Break.


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23rd April 2024