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Spangly Bits

Spangly bits
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Spangly bits

“Spangly bits” usually refers to small, shiny, glittering decorations or elements, often used in costumes, jewelry, or decor to add sparkle and visual interest. They can be sequins, beads, glitter, or any type of small, reflective embellishment. Are you interested in how to use them for a particular project or looking for something specific related to spangly bits?

A picture please

I can help you imagine what an image with “spangly bits” might look like, but I’ll need a bit more detail about what you’re envisioning. Could you specify the type of image you’re interested in? For example, is it a photograph of a costume with spangly bits, an illustration of a decorative object, or something else? Let me know so I can create a detailed description for a Dalle-generated image!


Revised prompt

A close-up photography of a section of a costume densely adorned with spangly bits. The costume features a multitude of small, shiny sequins and beads that catch the light, creating a sparkling effect. The sequins vary in color, predominantly silver, gold, and iridescent, artfully arranged to create a dazzling display. The background of the photo is blurred to emphasize the sharp, glittering details of the spangly decorations.


Bing wouldn’t produce an image for this. It produced a Content warning. I didn’t understand its reasoning, so clicked on the Report button. Then I tried

spangly bobs

but that was too short but

sparkly bobs

was OK. It produced glittery shoes

Sampled from Spanish Break.


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30th April 2024