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Spandex Ballot

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Spandex ballot

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A brightly colored and abstract concept art of a ballot envelope made out of spandex material. The envelope has a vivid elasticity and sheen commonly associated with spandex fabrics. The envelope bulges slightly, suggesting a full load of voting papers inside. The background is slightly blurred, putting focus on the spandex envelope.


Apparently a Spandex Ballot is a real thing. It’s not just Spandau Ballet typed wrong.

In response to

What is a spandex ballot?

ChatGPT’s DALLE had this to say

A “spandex ballot” refers to a ballot that is very long and filled with numerous candidates and issues for voters to decide on. The term “spandex” metaphorically suggests that the ballot stretches to accommodate everything that is included on it, much like spandex fabric stretches. These ballots can be daunting for voters due to the sheer amount of information and choices presented, and they highlight the complexity and depth of some electoral processes, where voters are asked to make decisions on a wide range of positions and ballot measures.

I then asked it to generate an image

Bing took a simpler approach and drew a superhero with a spoiled ballot paper.


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19th March 2024