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Space Bar

space bar image generated by AI and a real space bar
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on my keyboard, and in Hitch Hiker’s Guide

My first request, to Bing, for a space bar resulted in a very disappointing set of keyboard keys. So I asked ChatGPT’s DALL-E-3 for

Space bar – futuristic

Revised prompt

Imagine a futuristic space bar located on a distant planet. The interior is illuminated with neon lights in various colors, casting a vibrant glow on sleek, metallic surfaces. Patrons of various alien species are scattered around, some seated at the bar with high-tech, holographic menus floating in front of them, others in private booths with views of the starry space outside through large, panoramic windows. The bartender, a robot with a polished chrome design, is mixing a luminous, bubbling cocktail in a gravity-defying glass. The atmosphere is lively yet sophisticated, with a background of soft, ambient electronic music setting the mood.

and I got the image which I photographed on my laptop to show what a space bar really does look like.

Comments on the generated image

  • There are two rows of stools at the bar; the arrangement doesn’t appear to be all that popular.
  • It would appear that the one that’s ordering the drinks doesn’t realise
    • it’s sitting on two stools at the same time
    • its pal doesn’t look like it can take any more.
  • One of the planets is inside the building

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25th February 2024