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Sorted Big

sorted big
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Sorted big

Revised prompt

An illustration showing the concept of organization and order. In the scene, there are various objects of different sizes, arranged in ascending order from smallest to largest. The objects could be anything, like books, balls, or boxes. They’re placed neatly side by side, creating a gradient effect. The smallest item is on the left side of the image, and the items progressively get bigger as you move towards the right, leading to the largest item on the far right. The scene is under moderate, soft lighting, giving it a calming ambiance.


The original phrase was sorted big time.

You could use this picture for an observation quiz. Show it to your pals for a couple of minutes then ask

  1. How many bags have handles that you could use to carry them?
  2. How many steps are there?
  3. Which object is producing the large shadow on step 2.
  4. What do you call the things with wheels?
  5. Are they wheels?
  6. What do you thinks AI’s definitions of ‘sorted’ and ‘big’ are?

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16th May 2024