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Sore Balls

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Whereas ChatGPT’s DALL-E and Bing weren’t prepared to produce an image for
Sore balls

I reckon my AI tool interpreted the request as four balls

A close-up view of a sports scene where a few miscellaneous balls, including a soccer ball, a basketball and a tennis ball, appear worn out and somewhat rough from excessive use. They are resting on a grassy field, and the background shows a faint outline of a park with trees and benches. The colors of the balls are slightly faded, displaying the signs of their long-term practice sessions. The lighting scenario is that of a late afternoon, with long dramatic shadows that emphasize the texture and condition of these balls.


  • That’s a big tennis ball
  • I don’t know what the green ball is. Probably not something that’s used on a grass pitch.
  • Dion was commenting on the possible side effect of my old bicycle saddle – Selle Bassano


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1st April 2024