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Something better

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“There were always dreams of something better.”

from Can you hear me? by Pye Hastings, on Caravan’s 1976 album “Blind Dog at St. Dunstans”.

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something better – there were always dreams of something better

This is probably the best example of text on a generated image that I’ve seen. There’s only one typo.

I think this image is better, but I’m not sure about attributing the mis-quote to John Steinbeck.

And talking of misquotes I got the lyrics wrong

the prompt should have been

Through all these days of something better

Revised prompt

An abstract image portraying the concept of endless progression towards an improved situation, shown as a path stretching into a horizon that continuously improves. The foreground features a day, with clear skies and a vibrant sun, and as the path extends into the background, the scene evolves to depict a continuously improving landscape with flourishing flora and increasingly majestic structures, symbolizing growth, optimism, and the ceaseless journey for ‘something better’. The painting style is reminiscent of a 19th-century impressionist painting with bright colors and distinct brushstrokes.


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27th February 2024