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Someone’s Broken

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How often do you hear someone say “Someone’s broken blah” where blah is the website you were using and now you can’t access it anymore?

Well this evening it was GitHub that was broken. It wasn’t inaccessible for long. It’s already back up.

So now I can go ahead and raise the a something’s broken issue related to Gutenberg’s Full Site Editing comments related blocks. They don’t work when they’ve been given a bum steer in invalid comment IDs. It was easy to create the problem – I just cloned some posts from development to live.

Which means that if anyone visits the live site and looks at the documentation for several blocks related to comments then they’re likely to say Shitting Buggery. Or maybe that’s only me because I’ve now got 3 new issues to raise against Gutenberg.

  1. Navigation links for Category and Tags don’t work on the front end.
  2. Page break block not working in an FSE theme.
  3. Notices from Comments blocks for invalid comment IDs.


Last updated:

26th February 2021