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Some Bodies

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Some bodies

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An artful depiction of human anatomy showcasing the diversity and beauty of the human body. Include male and female figures of various ages, from youth to maturity. Ensure diversity by including individuals of Caucasian, African, Hispanic, Asian, and Middle-Eastern descent. The scene should be tasteful and educational, with a focus on the muscular and skeletal systems, without explicit nudity. The style should be reminiscent of pre-1912 anatomical sketches, emphasizing detail and accuracy.


I wasn't getting very far with requests for images depicting somebody's baby so I asked for some bodies and got this.

Don't try matching the heads to the feet. Between them the two men in the back row on the left have 5 feet and 6 legs. Number one had two right feet and number 2 two left.

BTW. The next image will be for skeletal bodies.


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28th June 2024