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Some Background

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The Silver Bullet project’s list of words was originally written on paper and known as the SB list. It was typed up into a plain text file called SB.txt. This file eventually contained 1425 entries. Each pair of words ( known as an SB ) was given a single letter classification. When they were imported into WordPress this code was converted into a Category.

Code Meaning Example To
OK Silver Bullet SB
b brand name Sensor Blade Some Business
c cheat Sauteed Bunny Silly Blogger or Skipping Bigrams
d disastrous failure Banana Splits Seriously Bad
f foreign Sacre Bleu Said By
n name Sergeant Bilko Some Body
p place Sunset Boulevard Site Base
q questionable Stripy B Skipping Bigrams
s sick or stupid Safe Bonk Silly Blogger
x x-rated Silly Bunt Shocking Behaviour
i image photo Seen By
j jpeg screen capture Surf Bite

The two image categories were not considered in the 90’s. Other categories have subsequently been added as the site evolved.


Last updated:

25th July 2018