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Solemn Beaver

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This is the second image produced for the prompt

a sodding bounder sitting boldly on a sodding boulder

ChatGPT’s interpretation of the image is

This is an interesting image! It shows a beaver character with human-like features, dressed in a smart grey suit, red tie, and wearing brown boots. The beaver is seated on a large rock that has some indecipherable text engraved on it. The landscape in the background appears to be a valley with green grass and mountains, suggesting this might be an outdoor setting, perhaps a park or rural area. The setting has a somewhat solemn or reflective mood, perhaps implied by the posture and expression of the character. It’s a creative blending of human elements with a characteristically non-human animal, creating a whimsical and thought-provoking scene.

I prompted it with

describe the image for alt text

It replied

A digital artwork depicting an anthropomorphic beaver sitting on a large rock with engraved text. The beaver is dressed in a human-like fashion with a grey suit, red tie, and brown boots, and appears contemplative. In the background, there’s a rural landscape with green fields and mountains under a cloudy sky.

I think it’s solemn because it doesn’t appear to have a tail.

Interesting that AI image recognition can read but AI image generation can’t write.


Last updated:

28th March 2024