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Soggy Bum

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Soggy Bum

Revised prompt

A visual representation of a pair of pants that have become wet and soggy, likely from being caught in a downpour of rain. The fabric of the pants appears soaked and heavily saturated with water, clinging to the contours of the unseen wearer's body. Drops of water are seen precipitating from the trousers, indicative of their drenched state. The color of the pants is darker where the water has wettened it, further emphasizing the sodden condition. Background is a rainfall scene, making for a melancholic, rain-drenched atmosphere.


In the original SB.txt Soggy Bum appeared immediately after Soggy Bottom. The annotation read "as above but a muddy puddle or two".

These certainly are sodden breeches.

From the original SB.txt


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