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Soggy Bottom

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Soggy bottom

Revised prompt

A close-up view of a muddy landscape. The soil is exceedingly saturated with water, making the ground soft and yielding underfoot. Puddles of water are scattered across the surface, reflecting the overcast sky above. A few brave blades of grass and stubby bushes sprout up here and there, their green color lending a hint of life to the otherwise dank and muddy environment.


Bing refused to generate an image - it was probably thinking about soggy bum.

ChatGPT 4o avoided the obvious, described the problem that occurs in baking and gave me tips to avoid a soggy bottom. When asked for an image it sidestepped the issue, producing a picture of a lattice topped pie, saying...

Here is the image of the fruit pie with a perfectly baked golden crust and a well-set filling. It showcases the desired outcome with no signs of a soggy bottom.

In the original SB.txt the annotation was "After cycling a mountain bike through a puddle."

From the original SB.txt


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10th June 2024