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Soggy Biscuits

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explain soggy biscuits – the result of dunking biscuits, such as digestive biscuits, in a cup of tea – to an American

In the UK, “biscuits” refer to what Americans would generally call cookies. “Soggy biscuits” is a phrase used when someone dunks, or briefly submerges, their biscuit in a hot beverage, usually tea, until it becomes soft or “soggy”. This is similar to how some Americans might dip cookies into milk. The term isn’t used much in America, so it may be confusing at first. Essentially, it’s an enjoyable way to consume biscuits (or cookies!) and a common practice in the UK.

I used the above as the prompt for this image, created by Adobe Firefly.

I particularly like the following:

  • The biscuits show no sign of being soggy
  • This tea drinker is a greedy bugger

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