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Softer Brakes

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Softer brakes

Revised prompt

Imagine a serene and peaceful scene where a vintage bicycle leans against a rustic wooden fence, surrounded by lush greenery and colorful wildflowers. The soft sunlight of early morning casts gentle shadows on the ground, highlighting the intricate details of the bicycle’s design, especially focusing on the softer brake mechanism. This bicycle, a blend of old-world charm and functionality, features prominently in the center of the composition. The backdrop is a vibrant mix of green foliage and wildflowers, with a hint of a cobblestone path winding its way through the natural beauty. The entire scene is captured in a square aspect ratio, providing a balanced and harmonious view of this tranquil moment.


The bicycle looks like a death trap to me

But take a look at this version, created by my AI tool, for the same prompt.

softer brakes

It generated a revised prompt of

An up-close view of a bicycle’s braking system, designed with an innovative soft-response mechanism. The brake pads are designed to provide a gentle, controlled stop. The details of the brake cables and the bike rim are visible. The brake handle on the bicycle’s handlebars should be in the foreground. This scenary reveals how the brake lever’s pull translates into the brake pads squeezing the rim, providing a friction force that slows down the bike.

which it almost completely ignored.

Softer brakes","alt":"Softer brakes"}” data-wp-interactive=”core/image” class=”wp-block-image size-full wp-lightbox-container”>Softer brakes

And if anyone can tell me what scenary means I’d be grateful.


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25th March 2024