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Soft Bright

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Soft bright

Revised prompt

Imagine a tranquil, soft, bright setting. A tranquil field covered in vibrant, fresh green grass. The sun, in a clear sky, is casting its soft, bright light across the landscape. Beautiful, gentle white flowers are scattered across the field, adding to the serenity. In the background, there’s a wood with tall, majestic trees. The fresh, crisp morning air plays with the leaves of the trees, making them rustle softly. The soft rays of the sun create a bright, picturesque scene, full of tranquility, serenity, and peace.


Similar to the image created by ChatGPT’s DALL-E

Its revised prompt was

Imagine a serene, softly illuminated landscape at sunrise, with gentle rays of light casting a warm, golden hue over a peaceful meadow. In the foreground, delicate dewdrops glitter on the tips of lush, green grass, reflecting the first light of day. A tranquil stream meanders through the meadow, its surface shimmering under the soft, bright sunlight. In the distance, a few fluffy, white clouds drift lazily across a clear, azure sky, adding a sense of calm and tranquility to the scene. This picturesque setting is the epitome of soft brightness, offering a moment of peace and contemplation.

Bing painted 4 still lifes of apples in a bowl, flowers in a vase and a glass of bubbly, on a table with a table cloth that partially covers the table top. Believe me, you don’t want to see these paintings. Though the one with a shiny bowl and some berries had promise.


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6th April 2024