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Snark Back

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I took this photo of a collage of paintings at my mum's care home since one of the paintings, the one in the middle, had SB on it. It wasn't until later that I noticed the painting in the top right. I believe it was done by my sister Kate, and it's of my mum's cat, Sebastian.

Anyway, while editing the painting on my iPhone, I noticed that the Information button now supports AI. When I opened the Information box, several of the paintings were overlaid with an icon. Clicking on the icon performed a Look Up Artwork.

To my surprise the 4th painting, middle left, was matched to "Don't Snark Back by Snark Notes".

To my further surprise... after updating my iPhone to iOS 17.1.1 the Visual Lookup capability seems to have disappeared. See I don't know why, it's probably because I edited the photo to crop it. It's available for other photos.


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20th November 2023