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Smoking Benefits

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What about smoking benefits for fish such as herrings? Visualise that.

Revised prompt

A traditional smokehouse scene with racks of herrings being smoked. The interior is dimly lit, with light filtering through small windows, creating a warm, amber glow over the golden-brown smoked herrings hanging on racks. Wisps of smoke rise from a smoldering wood fire below, infusing the fish with flavor. The walls are made of rustic, weathered wood, adding to the old-world charm of the scene. Include details such as a basket of fresh herrings waiting to be smoked, and a person in traditional attire tending to the fire and fish.


  • Not all smoked fish are opened up like kippers
  • I don't know where the smoker is. Perhaps he's nipped out for a fag.
  • Do you think the fire's safe like that?


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3rd April 2024