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Smiling Bloom

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smiling bloom, a sunflower, with a hardly noticeable smile in the seeds. There are other sunflowers in the field behind.

Revised prompt

A picturesque field of radiant sunflowers under the clear blue sky with one in the foreground slightly different. This unique sunflower, almost imperceptibly, features a subtle smile formed naturally within its complex pattern of sunflower seeds, adding a hint of whimsy and personality to the scene. The other sunflowers stretch out into the distance, creating a visually striking contrast of bright yellow blooms against the expansive green background.


It was my friend Trevor’s birthday recently. The card I chose, to accompany the present, was of a sunflower in a field. The photographer had given it a subtle smile.

First off I asked ChatGPT’s Super Describe to create a similar image. The smile was way over the top and the main sunflower was too perfect. Also, all of the sunflowers were facing away from the sun!

When I asked my AI tool for a smiling bloom I had to prompt it to

make it a sunflower, with a very subtle smile in the seeds.

But there was nothing subtle. This attempts slightly better. But, even in this picture, the sunflowers aren’t exactly following the sun.


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21st April 2024