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Smart Bold

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Smart bold

Revised prompt

Generate an image that portrays the abstract concepts of intelligence and boldness. This can be depicted through a scene of a courageous intellectual figure tackling a complex task, appropriately demonstrate their smartness in a distinct way, whereas their boldness can be represented by the intense use of strong, vibrant colors. Please make sure to keep the atmosphere dramatic, yet inspiring.


ChatGPT DALL-E’s revised prompt was

An illustration of a majestic, intelligent-looking owl with piercing eyes, perched confidently on a stack of books. The scene is set in a dimly lit library with shelves full of ancient tomes, casting a mysterious glow. The owl’s feathers are detailed, showing a variety of shades from dark browns to soft whites, symbolizing wisdom and boldness. Around its neck is a small, ornate pendant, adding to its distinguished appearance. The atmosphere is filled with a sense of intrigue and the pursuit of knowledge, embodying the essence of being smart and bold.

Bing tried to write the words Smart and Bold as brightly painted blocks. It got it right on two out of four attempts.

And ChatGPT’s Super Describe cloned it with it’s prompt of

A digital illustration featuring the 3D text ‘SMART BOLD’ in bold, stylized lettering. The letters are rendered with a smooth, shiny surface and have a dimensional appearance, suggesting depth and solidity. They are arranged in a dynamic, overlapping composition that conveys a sense of movement and energy. The color scheme includes vibrant gradients of orange, blue, and purple, creating a striking contrast. The background is complex with abstract geometric shapes, such as cubes, spheres, and pyramids, scattered around in a playful manner. There are also decorative elements like lines, dots, and wireframe structures, all bathed in a warm, ambient light that enhances the composition’s vividness and gives it a futuristic feel.


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7th April 2024