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Slipped Bye

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Slipped bye: a ball that continued to the boundary after it wasn’t caught by the wicket keepers, or the slips!

Are you stumped by this image? Thanks to Andy and Mark for the suggestion. They said “slipped by” but this was more fun.

What I particularly like…

  • Both the batting team and the fielding team are India
  • The batsman appears to be a green monster
  • The fielder has six fingers on his left hand
  • There are 4 stumps and 3 bails on the wicket
  • There’s no evidence that the ball has made it to the boundary
  • If this was a spot the ball competition, with the ball blurred out, I doubt anyone would ever win it.
  • The bigger bird appears to have 3 legs.


Last updated:

17th January 2024