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Sliced Balata

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Sliced balata

An image showing a balata fruit, common in the tropical regions of South America, being sliced open. The skin on the outside is smooth and yellow-green, while the inside reveals a creamy-white, segmented flesh. The knife cutting through it is sharp and clean, held by a hand. The fruit is situated on a wooden chopping board, the background is neutral allowing the vibrant colors of the fruit to stand out.

DALL-E-3 almost followed its own instructions other than the fact that a balata looks nothing like the fruit that's been cut in half.

What do you think it is?

I watched some short videos on Pinterest but couldn't tell for sure.

  • The inside looks like shiny beans from the Cacao Bean / Pod aka Cocoa.
  • ChatGPT reckoned that the skin could be a Cherimoya "Custard Apple", but I must have given it a bad description.

Of course what I was actually thinking of was a golf ball with a balata covering.


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17th February 2024