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Sizeable Bounds

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My wife bought me a new Garmin Approach S20 for my birthday. After using it for a while I felt the need to complain. Here’s what I wrote.

Hi, I think my new Approach S20 has given me the ability to teleport. For the past few rounds I’ve been recording my scores and tracking club selection. When it comes to saving the results I notice that while the number of steps taken during the round seems reasonable, the odometer reading suggests that I have the ability to travel enormous distances while standing still.

That’s one of the possible scenarios… Eleven months on and Garmin still haven’t provided an explanation. Another explanation is that I just take extremely long steps. Approximately 20 miles per step.

My record is 346,940 in 9817 steps. Or 35 miles per step.

Garmin have a challenge to #beatyesterday. I think it’s Madness to ask me to go One Step Beyond.


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14th July 2018