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Sioux Brave

Souix Brave
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Given the prompt

sioux brave. Create a grid of 4 images of the same sioux brave, riding a horse, making smoke signals, hunting buffalo and standing by his teepee. Special effects: Fractalius

the system returned a revised prompt of

A quartet of images showcasing a Sioux male warrior engaged in different activities. In the first square, we see him riding a horse across a vast plain, the wind sweeping through his hair. The second square captures him atop a high ridge, conjuring smoke signals into the sky, the smoke spiralling and twirling in the air. The third demonstrates him in hunting attire, pursuing a buffalo with a bow and arrow, poised and strategic. The final image presents him standing stoically next to his teepee, a regal and serene stature. Each image shall have a unique fractal-inspired effect, giving dimensions of abstraction and surrealism to each scenario.

and produced the image we see here.

My comments

  1. Riding a horse – tick
  2. Making smoke signals – hmm
  3. Hunting buffalo – hmm – looks like AI’s got its own instructions for 2 and 3 a little mixed up. And the buffalo seems to be half horse
  4. Standing by his teepee – maybe he’s standing behind it.

The fractals are a bit of fun though.

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