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Single Biggest

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Single biggest


I’ve no idea why Bing chose to create this image.

ChatGPT’s Super Describe re-interpreted the image as

A digital illustration of a surreal landscape composed of jigsaw puzzle pieces. The scene shows mountains with peaks bathed in golden sunlight at dawn or dusk. In the center, there is a missing puzzle piece revealing a glowing, lava-like substance beneath. Surrounding puzzle pieces have trees with lush green foliage indicating life on the puzzle surface. The colors are warm with a gradient from orange, reflecting the glow of the lava, to cool blues and grays in the distant mountains. The atmosphere is misty, adding depth to the landscape. The image has a magical, serene quality, with soft lighting that enhances the textures of the puzzle pieces and the natural elements.

which resulted in

I can’t believe it was anything like the revised prompt that my AI tool used for single biggest.

An illustration of the largest single item in a room. The item should be well-crafted, providing a sense of grandeur and size. Details like intricate designs, material texture, and lighting for emphasis would enhance the depiction.

  • Full marks for the spelling.
  • I’m not so sure about the spoutless t-pot
  • or the side table and stool combined


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25th March 2024