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Silver Buttons

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Scandinavian buttonry

Show me some silver buttons

Revised prompt

A collection of traditional Scandinavian silver buttons displayed on a plain background. The buttons are intricately designed with motifs inspired by nature, such as leaves, flowers, and animals, as well as geometric patterns. They vary in size and shape, showcasing detailed engravings and delicate craftsmanship typical of Scandinavian artistry. The silver has a polished finish, highlighting the fine details and craftsmanship.


In response to my first prompt ChatGPT told me

"Scandinavian buttonry" refers to the traditional buttons and fasteners used in Scandinavian clothing and textile crafts. These buttons are often made from materials like wood, bone, horn, pewter, and silver. They can be highly decorative, featuring intricate designs and motifs inspired by nature, mythology, and historical symbols.

Then it went on to explain the different types. For silver buttons it wrote

  • Used for more formal or decorative purposes.
  • Engraved or stamped with intricate designs.


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30th June 2024