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Silver Bow

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According to the book entitled The Calender, by David Ewing Duncan, “Silver bow bent in heaven” was Shakespeare’s description of a crescent moon.
This is what I got when I prompted Bing Image Creator with

silver bow bent in heaven. Shakespeare’s description of a crescent moon.

Notice that it’s done a pretty good job with the text

When I asked DALL·E 2 for the same I got 4 tiny moons behind clouds. This is the best of the bunch

I then asked ChatGPT if it could draw it for me. It replied

I can’t draw pictures directly, but I can certainly describe it vividly for you!

Picture a graceful, delicate bow crafted from gleaming silver, its elegant curve mimicking the soft arc of a crescent moon. The metal seems to hold a silvery sheen, reflecting the celestial light as it arches gracefully against the backdrop of the heavens, almost as if it were a celestial artifact itself. Shakespeare’s poetic descriptions often conjure such imagery, painting vivid scenes with words that evoke a sense of ethereal beauty and wonder.

I set Dalle 2 to work on this improved prompt. Lord knows what it thought I wanted.


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28th December 2023