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Signwriting Blunder

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I pretty much got the signwriting blunder that I expected when I prompted Bing image creator with

a sign saying “that’s AI for you”

I wonder how long it will be before spelling becomes a hot issue in AI image generation.

Meanwhile here are 3 pretty awful limericks.

For the first one I asked my AI to

Write a limerick containing the line “That’s AI for you”

A computer that's clever and true, 
Solving riddles as if with a clue. 
With logic, it's through, 
Says, "That's AI for you." 
It's a future almost in view.

For the second and third I changed the prompt to

Write a limerick with the last line reading “That’s AI for you”

There once was a bot named Hugh, 
Who thought in patterns and rhyme, it's true. 
He could chat through the night, 
With logic so tight, 
Exclaiming, "That's AI for you!"
There once was a robot so true, 
Calculating in ones and in twos. 
It could game, it could chat, 
Wore a silicon hat, 
“Such brilliance," they mused, "That's AI for you!"

Now I need to find out what a robot wearing a silicon bonnet thinking about 1’s and 2’s would look like.


Last updated:

21st December 2023