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Significant Bother

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Significant bother


  • This bigram was prompted by the TV series Significant Other
  • I think one of the problems that the man’s suffering from is having two left hands.
  • ChatGPT’s DALL-E chose not to create an image immediately but thought it might be something to do with a tattoo.

Revised prompt

A highly detailed black and gray tattoo design featuring a single, large thorn wrapped gently around a healed scar. The tattoo emphasizes realism, with intricate details to showcase the texture of the thorn and the depth of the healed scar, embodying the theme of enduring and overcoming a significant bother. Ideal for placement on the forearm, wrist, or over the heart, the design combines symbolism with artistic detail to convey a story of resilience and the emotional weight of challenges faced.

  • And my AI tool chose to draw a coffee cup overflowing with all sorts of strange items.


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28th March 2024