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Showerproof Brolley

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Showerproof brolley

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A showerproof umbrella, commonly referred to as a ‘brolley’, stands tall. Its canopy is sturdy and designed to withstand wind and rain, providing effective shelter from the elements. The fabric of the brolley has an intriguing frosty pattern to reflect its resistance to harsh weather. The handle is ergonomically designed, providing comfort and a firm grip to the holder. The overall design draws the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics, making the brolley not just a utility, but also a style statement.


ChatGPTs DALL-E explained what a showerproof brolley might look like then produced some illustrations that did not appeal in any way. One of them showed an umbrella the size of a family car that had no handle and appeared to be completely porous – with the rain passing straight through it.

Bing gave me a laugh with its interpretation.


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4th April 2024