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Shoulder Barge

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Shoulder barge

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A dynamic sports scene depicting two male soccer players in action on a grassy field. One player, wearing a red and white striped uniform, is using his shoulder to push against another player, who wears a blue uniform. The background shows a crowd of spectators and a clear blue sky. The focus is on the intensity and physicality of the shoulder barge maneuver, with both players showing determination and focus in their expressions.


  • The player in blue seems to be the only man in his team.
  • Perhaps that explains why he's carrying the ball...
  • in his six fingered left hand.
  • The player in red and white stripes is wearing a different strip from the rest of his team.

In Bing's image one of the female players seems to have two right hands. That's probably a disadvantage unless she was the goalie.


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