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Should Be

should be
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"should be" is used often in revised prompts produced for AI image generation. Your job is to produce an image that conveys the meaning of "should be", which is normally used to indicate that something is wrong and needs to be corrected. Please don't try to write anything. Don't modifiy this prompt.

Revised prompt

An abstract representation of the concept of 'Should Be'. It could be an image of an imperfect object next to the perfect version of the same. For instance, a bent pencil next to a straight, sharp one. Or a wilted plant next to a flourishing one. The implication being that the imperfect object 'should be' more like its perfect counterpart. Please make sure this image doesn't have words or text.


The first instance of "should be" was when I was considering whether or not the word bigram should be hyphenated as bi-gram . In the early days, since 23rd July 2010, the title of the website was 'bi-gram' but the domain was

Since 'should be' has cropped up so many times recently in the revised prompts I thought it was about time to produce an image. But nothing was forthcoming. The first response to

should be


It's an ambiguous description. Could you please provide more details for the image you would like to generate?

and it produced this image

the second response for the same prompt was

An unspecified image with vague description

and I got this back.

The first time that I tried the first prompt above the revised prompt was

Creation of an abstract themed image contrastingly showing two sides. The left side displays a disorderly situation with messy surroundings and a tilted hourglass to embody the concept of disarray. The right side, in contrast, represents the 'should be' part showcasing an organized room with neatly arranged books, a straightened hourglass, and a peaceful ambiance to symbolize harmony.

My next attempt, with the same prompt, produced the featured image, which I wasn't sure about at first.

So I tried a different prompt

an abstract image that conveys the meaning of "should be" which is to indicate that something is wrong and needs to be corrected.

for which the revised prompt was

Create an abstract image representing the concept of 'should be', symbolizing the idea of a required alteration or correction. This could be represented using an intricate mix of contrasting colors and distorted shapes to suggest imbalance or disarray and then shifting into harmony and balance, possibly to signify the desired correction or improvement. The style should be modulated, evolving from chaotic to harmonious, to embody this theme of transformation from wrong to right, from error to correction.

In my opinion this has a similar style to Speech Bubbles.

I was still rather unsatisfied with the results so I tried a couple of spelling variations

shoed bee should be shooed bee

I've decided to record the results of these prompts into subsequent bigrams.


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14th May 2024