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Shooed Bee

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“shoed bee” should be “shooed bee”.. A watercolour indicating that something that’s been drawn as a bee wearing shoes need to be replaced by a bee that’s being shooed away.

Revised prompt

A watercolor painting showcasing a humorous scene where a bee, previously wearing shoes, is now being shooed away. The bee should appear to be mid-flight, hastily retreating, with a hint of surprise in its expression. The person doing the shooing can be a Caucasian female, perhaps a gardener who happened upon the bee in her flowers. She holds a small, waving handkerchief in one hand to shoo the bee. The shoes, discarded by the bee, should be visible nearby, underscoring the transition from ‘shoed bee’ to ‘shooed bee.’


  • I wouldn’t worry yourself that there are 3 brown shoes, two of which are small boots, since I/we have no idea how many shoes a bee should wear.
  • Do you know anyone who laces up their left shoe differently from their right. It would appear that it’s something that giants are fond of doing.


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14th May 2024