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Shoed Bee

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“shoed bee” should be “shooed bee”. A hand drawn diagram indicating that something that’s been drawn as a bee wearing shoes need to be replaced by a bee that’s being shooed away.

Revised prompt

A detailed and intricate hand-drawn diagram. On one side, there’s a peculiar depiction of a bee, which stands out due to the unusual footwear it dons, making it a ‘shoed bee’. Arrows point it towards a second illustration on the other side of the diagram. This second image is of a regular bee, wings in mid-flap, with stylized lines and movement marks following it, creating the impression that it’s hastily darting away — a bee that’s being ‘shooed’ away. The diagram emits a sense of humor, demonstrating a play on words through imagery.


One of my attempts to show how should bee could be used to indicate something that needs correcting. It’s a shame that the shoed bee had neither shoes nor wings.


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14th May 2024