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Shocking Ball

Shocking Ball
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Shocking Ball

was another suggestion from Mark Willcox. He was referring to a badly played golf ball. But I didn’t let AI know that.

I asked ChatGPT to describe this image

The image you uploaded appears to be a graphical representation of a plasma globe. Plasma globes are glass spheres filled with various gases like neon or xenon, and a high-voltage electrode is placed in the center. When electricity is supplied to the electrode, it ionizes the gas, creating colorful tendrils of plasma—the fourth state of matter— that stretch out to the glass. This particular image showcases a very vibrant and detailed plasma effect, with numerous bright blue-white electric arcs branching out from the center to the edges of the globe, against a dark background. The globe seems to be sitting on a flat surface with a subtle glow where the base of the globe meets the surface, emphasizing the intense energy contained within.

Seen before as shocking and ball.


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23rd February 2024