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Shit Begone

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Shit begone

Revised prompt

A spray bottle labeled 'Shit Begone'. The bottle is translucent with a color tint, and the label is neatly pasted on the front side. The spray bottle has a comfortable grip handle with a trigger mechanism. Make sure to detail the plastic nozzle at the top of the bottle that adjusts the liquid's dispersion. Spray droplets are gently misting out of the nozzle, creating a visual effect in the air around the bottle.


  • ShitBegone (one word) is/was a brand of loo paper. The product is up for sale.
  • Bing refused to generate an image for Shit Begone.
  • But kudos to my AI tool and ChatGPT 4o for both managing to spell it correctly.
  • And extra kudos to mine for the spray bottle... though it does seem to be a bit trigger happy.


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11th June 2024