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Ship Burning

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Ship burning fractal

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A surreal scene of a ship burning, with flames and smoke transforming into intricate fractal patterns. The ship is a traditional sailing vessel, caught in a tempestuous sea, with the fractal flames and smoke forming complex, spiraling shapes that merge with the stormy sky. The colors are vivid, with the orange and red hues of the fire contrasting against the dark blues and grays of the sea and sky. The overall mood is intense and otherworldly, capturing the chaotic beauty of the fractal flames consuming the ship.


While investigating things that happened in 1975 I discovered that IBM researcher and French mathematician Benoît Mandelbrot was the first to define fractal geometry in 1975.

I then read about Burning Ship fractal, which was first described and created in 1992. From there it was pretty obvious that I’d change the words around a bit.


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30th May 2024