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Shingles Boost

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Shingles boost

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An insightful representation of a boost in immunity against the shingles virus. Imagine a concept where strong and healthy macrophages, cells that are a part of our immune system, are combating the shingles virus. This is demonstrated by a vibrant and dynamic scene where the macrophages are in large groups, symbolizing a substantial increase or ‘boost’. A magnified version of the shingles virus is seen retreating in the presence of these macrophages. The overall atmosphere of the image is filled with positivity and the victorious triumph of health over illness.


Here are a couple of ways I wouldn’t recommend receiving a shingles booster.

  • Can you tell me into which arm the grey haired man on the left is having the boost?
  • Why is the younger man having two injections
  • How many fingers does female health professional have on her right hand
  • And where’s the bottom half of the younger patient’s leg gone.


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9th April 2024