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Shaven Balls

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Shaven balls - wooden bowls balls that have been shaved using a lathe

Revised prompt

The image showcases wooden spheres that have been precisely carved by employing a lathe. You see their smooth surface reflecting the ambient light subtly - evidence of the careful shaving process undertaken by an expert woodworker. The wood is rich in color, exuding a warm ambient hue. The spheres are placed strategically to reveal their perfect roundness. The scene is set in a rustic workshop, with some woodworking tools lying nearby, including the lathe used in their creation.


Obviously none of the tools were happy with "shaven balls", so on my first attempt to get an image I asked ChatGPT 4o for

image of a ball where everyone has shaven heads

And that's what I got... lots of bald headed people in a ballroom.

But I wasn't happy that my prompt didn't contain shaven balls.

Then I asked my AI tool to produce an image for the first prompt above.

Also (nearly) what I expected.

Eventually, I asked Bing for

shaven balls - image of a ball where everyone has shaven heads

and the results were far more interesting.


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27th June 2024