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Shattered Bones

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Shattered Bones

Revised prompt

A detailed scientific illustration of broken or shattered bones. The image could show a close-up view of the fractured section of the bone, highlighting the jagged edges and torn marrow. The bones may represent different parts of the skeletal system, such as a femur, vertebra, or a rib. Also, include some educational annotations that detail the bone structure, fracture types, and healing processes. The overall theme is meant to evoke a sense of anatomical learning and medical research. The color scheme consists of soft neutral tones with pops of reds for emphasis on certain areas.


  • Both ChatGPT’s DALL-E 3 and Bing’s Image Creator blocked this prompt.
  • They were both happy with

an X-ray of shattered bones

DALL-E produced a couple of images based on its revised prompt of

An X-ray image showing a collection of shattered bones, including both human and animal bones. The X-ray should depict a detailed view of the fractures and breaks within the bones, without displaying any surrounding tissues or gore. The image should focus on the intricate patterns of the breaks, showcasing the complexity and delicacy of bone structure. The background should be the typical black of X-ray images, with the bones illuminated in shades of blue and white, highlighting their detailed internal textures and fractures in a clinical, yet striking manner.

And Bing produced coloured X-rays of human hands with not a break in sight. Most of them had more bones than necessary at the wrist.

Notice that the top left hand has 6 digits!


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7th April 2024