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Sewing Badge

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Sewing badge.
It should have SB embroidered on it.

Revised prompt

A detailed illustration of a sewing badge, circular in shape with a diameter of approximately 2 inches. The background of the badge is a rich, deep blue, providing a striking contrast to the foreground elements. Prominently featured in the center of the badge are the letters ‘SB’, intricately embroidered in a bold, golden thread. The letters are styled in an elegant serif font, giving the badge a classic and professional appearance. Surrounding the letters, a subtle decorative border in the same golden thread enhances the badge’s elegance, without overpowering the central initials. The overall design is balanced, highlighting the craftsmanship and the theme of sewing.


Once again ChatGPT’s DALL-E needed a little extra prompt before it could produce something.


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10th April 2024