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Seven Balloons

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Seven balloons, hot air

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Imagine a beautiful, serene sky scene, punctuated by seven vibrant hot-air balloons. Three of these balloons bear the classic vertically striped pattern, displaying a harmony of cool blues, warm reds, earthy greens, and bright yellows. Another two balloons showcase the star-lit night skies with intricated designs of stars and moons. The remaining two have colorful geometric patterns which give them a distinctively modern touch. All seven balloons are floating peacefully, dotting the light blue expanse of a clear morning sky with occasional fluffy white clouds around.


  • A couple of weeks ago I noticed six or seven balloons tied in a bunch caught high up in a tree by the 6th green.
  • I asked AI for seven balloons.
  • Then I tried six, and then two.
  • The nearest I got to 7 was 5, produced for 2 balloons.
  • I should have asked for some balloons or several balloons.


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4th April 2024